This is my 16th year teaching for Omaha Public Schools. I have always been a sixth grade teacher. I am the mother of 4 and keep very busy with teaching and home life. I absolutely love teaching sixth graders. This is the perfect age in my opinion. 


Right now in Writer's Workshop, we are focusing on all 6 traits of writing: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions. The students are working hard with revising and editing processes. Grammar continues to be a focus with pronouns being our topic right now.

In Reading, we are focusing on several skills needed to be successful on our state testing coming in April. These include: Author's Purpose, Theme, Figurative Language, and Context Clues.

In Social Studies, we are studying ancient Greece. This has been something the students are very interested in. We are using our textbook along with some supplemental books.


Daily Schedule

8:40-9:05 Bellwork/Breakfast/Announcements

9:05-10:05 Small Group Reading

10:05-10:50 Specials

10:50-11:40 Small Group Reading/Whole Group Reading

11:40-12:25 Social Studies or Science

12:25-12:55 Lunch

12:55-2:25 Math

2:25-3:55 Writer's Workshop

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